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Thumbs down Monday night

Wow--where is everyone? I disappear for the weekend and everyone else disappears too. I guess there is simply no use signing on if I'm not here! Well I'm back, so everyone can come back now!

Did everyone see Tiger fly during the OLympic opening ceremonies Friday night? Tiger is Auburn's beautiful Golden Eagle. Word got around town last week that she was going to fly and she was great! WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

I wasn't so good this weekend. One of the candidates left a box of a half dozen Krispy kremes in front of everyone's door in the hotel, both saturday and sunday mornings. Those things are evil . I'm afraid I will have much to repent from on Wednesday!

But Lent begins Wed and that is a serious commitment for me--so I'm ready!

Got to go--time to watch the iceskating--and oh yes--make some dinner.

Have a good evening everyone!

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