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Hiedie Ho All!!!!

Or should I say few. Board is slow.

Went to Nh this morning, back to exercise (reduced the weight and seemed to do okay), then to store for milk...which means I wind up getting a few other things too!!! Expensive milk!!!!

POOH - I buy very little special "diet" foods. There is plenty out there if you read labels. Many things do not contain sugars, starches, corn syrup etc. I do buy ww pasta which family will eat and brown rice. Of course, I do buy some form of sweetener and SFSGWW bread. Basically the special things I buy are ww pastry flour, agave, sgww flour, that are for baking. Veggies, meats, fish and seafood are all normal foodstuffs. Get in the habit of reading labels. it may seem hard to decipher at first but you soon get the hang of it. Don't make it hard for yourself as this is the easiest woe I have found!!!!

VESNOID - Welcome. You're right about the food choices, I hope Pooh reads it and sees that more than one of us eat "normal" food. Lots of nice people here. I have learned a lot being here.

ZANNE - Sounds like a fun bus trip. Over my years as a GS leader I had three such adventures, one with a charter bus (in the parking lot of the Museum of Natural History in NYC after closing time), one with a car and one with a bus sick girl that really had appendicitis. She had surgery three hours after our return from Harrisburg, PA.......I had no clue as she did not have the normal symptoms, turns out her appendix was not in the right place!!!! Those kind of things are harrowing when going through them, but then you look back and can see the silly things that happened etc. Then think "I survived!"

One of the things that probably makes the Board slow for the girls in the south is Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras. To go to a grocery store now is like going just before Thanksgiving or Christmas!! Everyone is either shopping for supplies or cooking those supplies!!!!

Still have to get things done between Olympic events!!!!!

Take care. sef
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