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Evening ladies--

I just got done w/my power walking. I feel energized and ready to go......until I lay my head down on that pillow!! Once thing I noticed when I started walking.....I fall asleep a lot faster.

Anyway...I got my walk in and I ate all is good this part of the world! I even journalled my food and exercise. How good is that??

Amy--A friend at work just got some Tae Bo workout DVD's....or maybe it was Boot Camp?? I don't remember, but she's looking forward to trying them out. I told her to review them for me and if she likes them, I may try them.

Jodi--I'm anxious to have my blood drawn friday. It'll be interesting to see if I can get fit in. We have over 400 workers.....and I'm not sure how many plan on getting tested. Ought to be interesting.

Tina--I'm sorry you had such a stressful day. Days like that just wind me up. Which is why I choose to do my walks at night...after work. It seems to calm me. Maybe you can do that?? Even if for only 10mins....just to help put your mind at ease? Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Cristina--We found houses online and then drove around to take a look at them. One house that I was interested in but had no photo.....well heck, there was a reason for hasn't even been built yet!! We want to go to a couple open houses next time.

Jules--You've raised yourself a good boy!! Taking care of his GF while sick shows you what a kind man he's become.

Jane--Hello! Go get some sleep....catch up w/us later.

Mindee--Do you have a feeling of what your carrying? Does it feel like a girl?? Should we all think pink? I never was able to tell or have a feel of what I was having. With Jhanai...I thought I was having another boy.....and out came this adorable little girl!!

Sue--Awww...I'm sorry DH made a remark that upset you. Did he realize that he did? I hope your mom starts to feeling better soon. So many illnesses going around lately.

Hello to everyone else out there!!
Marykate, Tammy, Vann, Jen, Sassy, Michelle....heck I know there are more of you out there...just can't remember all the names!! But hello and stop by soon to check in.

Well I need to clean up and get to bed. I want to get up early and do my YBB workout. Soon I should be able to hop onto my bike and bike a couple miles before work....looking forward to that!! Hope this weather cooperates long enough for that.


"Nobody ever drowned in sweat"
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"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott
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