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starting over again......
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hello ladies!!!

I remember seeing some personals on the last thread, but my mind is drawing a blank on them at this time.

Jane~ When are you planning on going to Universal? I went there back in 1999 with my parents and younger siblings.

4amy~ wtg on the 4lbs! you will hit your marks in no time. actually, I don't know how detailed the level II is. I haven't had one before. I am only having this one because when I went for my BIG ultrasound, they couldn't get clear enough pictures of the heart, kidneys, four chambers of the heart, the top lip, and the cord insertion into the placenta. I would love to have the 4d one, that is the one where you can see what the baby will look like AND you can see the baby moving around. The 3d is the same as the 4d but without the movement part. I hope the baby cooperates as well. We already have the bedding so, we are good either way. My mom gave me pink crib bedding after my sister died in November. And we still have the baby looney tunes bedding from the boys. so either way we are good.

Tina~ sounds like you are having a rough day. I know you have the strength and courage to make it through all the hardships. this too shall pass, as they say.

Cristina~ Yup, I am feeling well today. Brandon actually slept in his own bed until 5am on Monday. Then came into our room and fell asleep until 9am, so I am just thankfully that he wasn't up and ready for the day. I loved the curls on both boys. Brandon's hair gets what we call the "grandpa munster" curl. My dad's hair gets the grandpa munster curls when his hair needs a hair cut, so Brandon's hair does the same thing.

Jules~ what a gentlemen you have their! how are you feeling?
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