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Cristina--DH is definitely hating not being able to use the right thumb--puts a damper on almost everything. Sorry about the weigh in. One of the girls in my WW class said that she went out to eat just once a week. She used all her extra points for the week on that night and kept below or right at her daily limit the rest of the week. Weigh in day is Friday morning for our group and her night out was Saturday--don't know if that would make a difference or not. Being sick and not going to my meeting gave me a small gain too, but I am back on target again.

Tina--I have had the most weird and stressful day at work--one of my callers was an elderly gentleman who told e a dirty joke--I used to have an ederly guy when I worked at a convenience store that picked me out all the employees to tell dirty limericks too. It embarrassed his poor wife so bad. Chips call me when I am stressed--I can't keep any in the house!! St John's Wort helps me calm down sometimes. The doctor put me on a pill for anxiety but I don't have any motivation for exercise when I take it and I seem to gain when I am on it. I don't need any help with that.

Judy--WTG on the bike and with the exercise!!

Jodi--hope the blood work gives you some answers..will be thinking of you.

Have a great nite everyone--I have to go pick up my son from his class at the local tech school. GF was suppossed to tonite but she's home sick. He was so sweet he made her soup and was taking care of her from the time he got home til he left for class.l
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