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Hello Ladies...

A big to you JEN! Looking forward to getting to know you.

AMY...WTG on your loss this week!

MARTI...did you amd James get out and look at houses or just drive-bys. We did a lot of drive-bys, lol. That's how we found the house we are buying. Actually, went online and saw some and then went out driving around. And yes, you are right...the housing prices are a lot different from here and there, a lot cheaper here. You definitely get more house for the money. But I know you and James will fine your perfect'll know it when you see it. And WTG on your loss this week. Hey, a loss is a loss and no matter how big or small, they all add up so to you!

VANN...ditto what I said to Marti about your loss as well and on your loss! I always say, the slower the better. I am definitely the turtle in losing weight. Seems for every step forward I take one or two back. But I am not getting discouraged. Have a safe trip., WTG on your loss as well. You are doing great! I'm not really a journaling person. I've tried but just don't keep up with it like I should. But what I do do which is sort of like journaling is...I print out calendars off of AOL and I keep track of my exercise for the day. As well as how much water I drank, if I took my vitamins and my WI's and measurements. Then also, I keep track of my food and points on the WW handouts.

JUDY...I keep fat-free pudding and sugar-free jello around just for times like that. Also, the WW ice cream sandwiches which are only 2 points. Didn't help though this passed week...had a major binge and it showed, lol. I think you are the only person I know that has kept anything for so long. Even my friends didn't even keep their wedding dress! About when to WI...I weigh in only once a week and measure once a month. If I weighed any more than that it would drive me mad. But I think Tina?? said it just have to find what works best for you.

SUE...I didn't start any packing after all. We were waiting to get the contract back from the people buying this place. To tell ya the truth, I was starting to worry. But I heard from our realtor about an hour ago and she has it. So now we have 15 days to get packed Plenty of time...I think this is going to go by really fast too! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you guys have a fast sell on your LV home. I bet it does go fast...LV is a fast growing area for sure. You know, after living in CA over 1/2 my life and then living here in the midwest I don't think I could ever go back to all the traffic, pollution and noise of the big city.

JULES...well, I am glad to hear DH is doing better with each day. I bet he is bored out of his mind though.

JANE...thank you! We didn't go to the show after all. V decided he wanted to go see the new house and get some ideas and measurements for the windows to get an idea of what blinds will cost. He likes to plan ahead and is so organized...glad he is. I used to be but not so much anymore, not like I used to be. Glad you guys had fun at Katie's party. You know, I too love to hear the kids talk about the "old days" even though they are not so "old" lol. I love looking at pictures too. So...the tickets for Universal & DW don't expire I take it? I didn't know that and it comes in handy especially for when they are on sale. I know how you guys love going and have fun doing so! One day I will get back there Disneyland that is.

MINDEE...hopefully the curls do grow back. I know with DS#1 & 2 they both had curly hair when little. Jasons is still curly if he lets it get long and Joshs is wavy. Now DD...I let her hair grwo from the time she was born 'til pre-school when I decided to cut her curls off. Hers wasn't as curly as the boys and her curls never came back. My mom said the same about my hair. Anyway, hope you are feeling well today.

JODI...did your cousins wife find a group online? SHe might just have to do a search online and try a lot before finding one. There has to be lots online...I mean there's a group for just about anything else isn't there? I know when I lost our baby that's what I did and I found lots of babyloss groups...I made lots of friends as well and still frequent a few of them. I know she will find one that is very supportive. We didn't have a computer when DH#1 passed so I turned to books and let me tell ya...they really helped. It was nice to know that what I was feeling was normal for what I was going thru. If your cousins wife wants to talk I would love to chat with can give her my e-mail address...don't know how I could help except that I've been there, done that. Hoping all is well with you today!

HI to everyone else Hope I didn't miss anyone trying to play catch-up.

Today was WI for me and I am sad to say I am up a pound. Okay so not so sad because I totally expected it. IT seems like every time V and I go out for dinner it puts me in a tailspin that I can't get out of until WI day. Guess because I go back and look at the week and see how I messed up. Well, I didn't have to go back this time because I already knew it was a bad week for me. I need to do something to keep myself from getting in this mode...where I just don't want to exercise or follow the plan. Does anyone ever feel this way? If so what do you do? Too, it was a busy week and instead of planning, and taking the time to fix something it was just easier to eat out and I know I have to quit doing that. I have to! Anyway...I am not upset that I gained because as I said I knew I would. You can't eat out and eat junk and lose, duh, lol! Today is a new day though and I am back on track. I did my 2 mile WATP video and walked a little over a mile on the treadmill and my eating has been on plan so yay for me. This week will be a better week for me. Anywho...getting ready to go jump in the shower before WW meeting. We will eat out this evening but it will be Subway, nothing fatty or junk. Then the realtor is coming over so we can sign the paper and it is officially on! We are moving the 21st!

Okay, sorry for the very long post ladies...was just trying to catch up with everyone and I don't like to leave anyone out. Hopefully I didn't.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!
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