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Arghhhhh! I'm having a weird day today. Coming off of NEVER paying attention to the way I feel or what I eat. Today I'm stressed out and normally I would eat some chips or even go get myself a big ol' chocolate bar and i'd hide under a blanket and maybe sleep it off. But today i'm feeling it. I already had my meal replacement bar and then I had a WASA bread...and then I had a healthy choice fudgecicle. And then I sat down with a plate of baby carrots and some balsimic dressing. I'm not hungry enough for lunch (what is suppose to be a chicken salad) but I'm feeling anxious. And it's driving me crazy. Partially my kids and partially my husband home 'trying to get things DONE'. So finally he went out to get a for sale sign for our van. (something we've been wanting to sell for some time now) and I can breathe some. I have a lot to do but I have so much on my kids and my business stuff and then having my husband irratating me...arghhhh...hahaha

So, what is the key? Breathe and get through it...this too will pass? I don't know. I thought I was going to be this militant soldier throughout this entire process....

Help I am a thin chick trapped in a fat body...

(one carrot for every 10 pounds)
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