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Colleen, hope you feel better soon..and take good care of yourself..DH should be bringing you lots of hot chicken soup, warm beverages and extra vitamin-C as well as the yogurt Jay suggested (at any rate that's what mom has always recommended ).

I think its far better to eat at certain times rather than according to when hungry. Often by the time you feel hungry its too late as you may not have healthy food available to you. Then you are starving (i.e. ravenous) and you will eat anything, including the nearest fast food etc (ya get the point). I get that way a lot (namely yesterday..grrr) because DH is slim and has a very weird appetite where he can go very long periods without eating, and I am the opposite, I must eat constantly or I get nauseous, weak and quite nasty and irritable. It is a horrible feeling and sometimes you will eat anything to make it stop. Once ravenous, I will chow down a lot really quickly.

I recently had my resting metabolic rate tested and my test reading actually came back as a higher than normal metabolism, so no wonder I'm constantly hungry. But really, if I dont eat at certain times, unless I've had a huge meal earlier, I will go from the hunger pang stage to the empty stage very quickly. When you're running around town with a DH who doesnt get the urgency of the situation, things can turn ugly. Yesterday I wanted to just fill up at a diner on a high fat meal because last week I ate an average of 1450 calories and frankly just wanted to feel really satisfied and I knew DH wanted to go out for the whole day running around. Well we never did get to eat anywhere (except I grabbed an order of 5 fried vegetable dumplings) and I was just thinking about food the whole day, but somehow couldn't find anything I wanted to eat (once hungry I become extra picky for some reason). I did end up losing another .5 pounds so I must admit I was a bit glad DH kept me from a high cal meal (I ended up eating 1550 calories..but ravenous in the process). Better off planning ahead when you can to eat something healthy so you don't get hungry at the wrong time and end up with high fat/calorie food.

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