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Congrats to you Cottage! Cleaned up and everything?!?! WOW!

DH and I were really not feeling well at all today. We have killer headaches and dizzy spells, and it's been like that all day. HOWEVER, I did get broccoli pizza roll ups, spanish rice, and oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes finished. Those are all wrapped up and put away, but I haven't cleaned up yet, and I have a list to make tomorrow night as well. We'll see.

I skipped out on Raquetball. We got to the courts and found a line. I took it as a sign that I need rest. It's never good to exercise when you're not up to snuff.

I went and did secretarial work for a teacher-friend of mine instead. Stayed a little longer than I planned and that's why I didn't get everything prepped today. I did get the house cleaned earlier, though now the kitchen is a mess again. Ahh, such is life. I got more of a head start than I have in weeks. I'm satisfied.

Glad you ladies had a great day!

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