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on the old runners thread i used to post some interval training that i did.
But I think i can find some - hold on (you should have access to a track or at least know some distances in ure neighborhood)

Warm-up: 1600 w/ strides during straightaways of last two laps
active warm-up drills
2 X 200 build

Main Set:
1 X 1600
4 X 400
1 X 1600

1600s are at 10K pace; 2nd one should be faster than the first
400s build from 10K pace to mile pace

1 min after 16s; 30 seconds between 400s

Cool-down 800
slight recovery workout

Warm-up 1600

1 X 800
4 X 400
1 X 800
4 X 400

1min rest after 800s, 30 seconds after 400s

800s are at 5-10k pace

First 400s are build easy to hard effort

Last 400s are best average (hold as hard as you can but still keep
1-4 within a few seconds of each other.) last set is hard/easy
alternating if you're recovering.

Cool-down 2 laps


Tomorrow's workout will be built around honing the race mentality. I.E. being able to switch gears when necessary and still having enough for a finishing push.

We'll warm it up then 800, 400, 1200, 400, 1600, 400

Odd intervals are @ race pace (5-10k pace)
Evens are @ mile pace (hard)

rest: 45 secs between each.

The pace test tomorrow is just for a beginning of the season baseline. Don't pin your hopes and dreams to it. Save that for late march/early april when we're peaking for Nationals.

The workout (for those who won't be there):

1600 warm-up, stride the straightaways on last two laps.
2 X high knees/butt kicks
2 X side strides
4 X 200; build from slow to 90% (faster than your time trial pace)
1 X 4800 (three miles) even or negative splits on each mile

2 lap cool-down
age: 30
height: 5'6''
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