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Hey this is a great Idea!!

Like Angi's DD, my DD turned 3 as of January. She is super sweet, and very smart, but a little spoiled I have to say. We didn't think we could have children, and she came along after 7 yrs of marrage, when I was 27.

Her name is Bethany (never Beth, but usually Bethy, she calls herself Beffy) She could spell her name, and was potty trained by 15 months, and could say her abc's by 18 months. I have to admit though that have I slowed down with teaching her over the last year because of the chaos in my life. I really need to get back into it.

Ok, and now about the spoiled part. She is the only child, and also the only grandchild on DH's side, and my sis lives in Colorado, so she is the only grandchild around on my side. So she seems to think that she has the rights of an adult!! We are working on this. She used to get a prize everytime I went into a store. Our new thing is that she has to "earn" her prizes. After she gets 10 smileys, she then gets a prize. It is working!! Sometimes she say's "Mommy, I need a prize reeeeeaaally bad..." When she miss behaves, We have to scribble a smiley out. It breaks her heart.

She gets smileys for things like brushing her teeth, taking a nap, and cleaning up her messes....

This thread was a great idea!!

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