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MICHELLE - "one knocked up and one locked up" - that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!

I was a single (custodial) parent of my only son of sixteen years, but six months ago he moved in with his father.

Up until he was about 12, I thought I was raising a criminal. He definitely exhibited signs of "not-normalness", but they could never pinpoint it as a learning disability, a behavior disability, ADHD, or what. Whatever "it" was, he grew out of it in middle school.

He's not perfect by any means now, but at least the behavior and attitude is in check. He is incredibly inconsistent with grades, often pulling both A's and F's, and never the same grade in the same subject (i.e., some semesters he gets an A in biology, some an F. Sometimes it's an A in math, others an F). In any case, he always participates in class, is well-received by peers and authority, and stays out of trouble.

He's delightful now, especially now that I only see him (much to my dismay) 1/7th of the time. He's pushing 6'7" and I had to buy a different car so he could comfortably fit.

I knew a kid once who was diagnosed with ODD, and when he was about 10 he had a cast on his arm. One night, he woke up and had a bad dream about it, so he grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and CUT OFF THE CAST! I don't know if that had anything to do with ODD, but he sure had a strong will! Delightful kid, though, in many other ways.
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