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I could write a book, but since I'm working a brand new job, and the internet here is s-l-o-w, I'll do what I can.

Peter (1/23/03) is 4 and the only "official" diagnosis he has is ODD=Oppositional Defiant Disorder (8/06). It's as bad as it it! I started to think he might be developing Hyperactivity Disorder since I've been home with him. Then I started reading. Apparently these days they call it AD/HD, even if he doesn't have AD. Whatever. The Neurologist ("N" from now on!) did not say he was diagnosing him with anything, but wants us to have b/w first, before drugs.

Some of the stuff he does:
Runs in circles like a wild man, trying to get out of the classroom at daycare, when things don't go his way. If restrained, tries to kick, hit, headbutt, punch. Often tells me, "You bad mommy!", or "You're a bad, bad mommy!", all while pouting...or smiling...depending on the mood.

Given the right circumstances, you can show him a circle and he'll tell you it's a square...or just deny that it's a circle, with a straight face. Can you say "Oppositional"?!

Peter can also be the sweetest boy on the planet. He will come and give me kisses and hugs for no reason. Tell me, "I love you mommy, you're bootiful (beautiful)". He's very empathetic. Once we were at this huge playground and DH was up on the structure with him and a child somehow whacked his head and was bleeding all over. While everyone else was running the other way, Peter's first response was, "Daddy, is that boy OK?" (He was, he ran off the structure to his parents screaming, I don't want to go to the hospital...the ambulance came and took them away. Get the feeling he spends a bit of time in the ER?

His favorite thing? Running around naked! (Yeah, that got old fast) Oh, and Thomas trains and Cars cars.

Anyway, #2:
Robby (1/13/05) is 2. Can you say "Temper Tantrum"?! Oh boy, this kid is a pro! He is my lover though. He would be happy cuddling all day. He is slightly delayed in talking and probably a few other developmental areas, but I I am is because he will NOT give up the pacifier ("sucky"). I think we are *finally* done with the bedtime bottle. I guess my fragile nerves are not ready to go cold turkey with the sucky either! But he's only allowed to have it at bedtime, and actually, we've gone 2 nights in a row without it now.

He has been talking a lot more recently, favorite word being, "MONEY!!!" (say it like you're Jamaican, that's "Mommy") He uses it with the perfect 2 y/o tone for everything. That and "oh wow".

I think he'll be an engineer...has always had to check stuff out to see how it works.

Favorite things: Chicken nuggets.

That's about it!
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