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Thanks Rai, I'll have to give those bandages a try. Hopefully they will help me avoid having this problem again. Sooo frustating! I do have running socks, and they are great. I think my old shoes were causing much of the problem.

I started running in October. Before that, I would try to do too much and get frustrated. I thought I just wasn't meant to be "a runner". Anyway, I started doing 30-45 mins. and built to an hour on the treadmill, mostly walking, with maybe 5 minutes of jogging at 5.0-5.5, 10 minutes walking at 3.5-4.0. I always run/walk at a 1.0% incline because I read somewhere that it helps when you transition to running outside to work at the slight incline. Slowly, I added a few extra minutes of running and would decrease my walking time, until I could run for the entire stretch. Then, once I could jog/run for extended periods, I would jog at 5.5 for 10 mins, and do a bit faster run at 6.0 for 5 mins. Once that became too easy, I jogged at 6.0 for 10 minutes, run at 6.5 for 5 minutes, and so on. I kept building up that way. Every other day I do 30 minute workouts, and I do periods of walking, jogging, then speed intervals of 1-2 minutes at a sprinting speed of 8.0-9.0. This helps me get faster on my longer runs. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need me to clarify

And can I just say how impressed I am that you run marathons?! I would LOVE to do that. My dad used to do them, and wants to run one with me, but every time I think about doing 26 miles, I get exhausted just imagining it Any advice? I think my biggest hurdle would be having the mental strength to complete a race that long. Thanks for any help, and good luck!

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