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Good morning everyone. Glad to see that there were so many posts!

Steph Ė I was out there braving the cold last night too. Weíre not getting the snow right now, just the freezing temps! I donít have a treadmill, so my cardio HAS to be outside. Unless DH wants to chase me around the house =)

Juno Ė I got a Collage video magazine last night and was checking out the ballet. Thought of you. Sounds like itís getting better. Great news that youíre health is right in order. As I get older I just want to stay healthy and keep my weight and BMI in check.

PW Ė I have many nieces and nephew and I love them all. Iím glad to hear that youíre on track with stocking up the fridge with good food. I have to do that too, plus plan out my meals for the week.

Iíve been on track too. It takes a lot of hard work, planning and dedication. It feels like Iím talking to myself all day long. Convincing myself to stay on track. Nighttime is a struggle for me. However, between preparing dinner, eating, cleaning up, working out and all of the other chores, I keep myself busy.

Last night was cardio. Eight times around the track alternating running and walking. My lungs and legs were burning by the time I was done. It was only 28F out. I too am looking forward to spring. Tonight will be ST and light cardio. I need to fit in a Pilates session sometime this week as I already did yoga.

Have a recipe for a tofu-based chocolate/peanut butter mousse that is LF. Will try it out this week and let you know how it is.
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