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Great to see all the positive posts and to think of heading toward spring.

Steph I have a great picture of you "snow-whacking" through the field, sending your dog for help, "Get help, Lassie!" We never got snow that deep this year, and the walks I took last week were actually quite warm. This week we have been treated to storms - cozy in the house but not EVEN walking weather. Alaska is "AK."

Raychel I am interested in the ballet video - can you give me the specific name so I can find it on Amazon? Yesterday's class went a bit better. I didn't stay for the floor sequence, just the barre, in part because of my work schedule and in part because I wanted to leave on an upbeat feeling. Next week Christian the director will teach again. It is true that I could shop for another class, but in fact I am able to take this one free because of my kids taking ballet - once you reach a certain amount of $$ at this studio your family can take classes for free. They are also known as the best in town, though there are others. I actually felt like a few things clicked yesterday.

Justy good work on the fruit bowl. Last week I was hooked on fruit smoothies and one is sounding good about now. This week it is ants on a log with not very much peanut butter and sliced dried apricots instead of raisins.

Catherine good for you for getting up early. That is so hard for me. Even getting up at "normal time" is difficult.

PW congratulations on your job. You will do great. I finally found a book that my W&R rep recommended to me called "The Wealthy Barber" - I had looked all over for it and finally found it at friends of the library for .25! - so now I am thinking of you when I read it.

I had my annual exam today. My doctor had left town so had a new doc - I liked her. I have to get a mammo. I had gained weight, grrr, though she assured me that my BMI is good and that I am at a very healthy weight for my height etc., and that is reassuring. I made it to the club tonight for the first time in a while, and that felt good. I plan on doing some work at my "kitchen counter barre" during some work breaks tonight.

On that note, I will move into the working portion of my evening. Have a great day!