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Hello all! It is so good to hear from everyone and know that things are going well.

Things here have been a bit crazy but very fun. My sister just had baby #2 so now I have 2 very adorable nephews! They live 10 hours drive away but I really wanted to get out there so I splurged on a plane ticket. I just got back this evening so have been busy doing laundry, restocking my fridge, etc. I'm pretty tired so I'm hoping tomorrow goes well - I stayed up until 5 a.m. this morning with the baby so my S & BIL could get some sleep. He does sleep most of the night already but I wanted the cuddle time!

My focus is starting to come back with a vengence. My fruit bowl is very well stocked and my vegie tray is looking pretty good. Thankfully it's getting nicer here again (sorry Steph!) so I have been getting out for walks again. I've been getting into the soy milk/drink lately and while I tho't I wouldn't be really crazy about it, it's not all bad! Tofu is my next challenge - just want to find a good & easy recipe that I can try!

I'm fading fast here so I'm going to run. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!
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