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I tried to be a good northern girl last night and head outside for a nice long walk after work. My dog has been longingly staring at her leash so guilt made me skip the tread and head outside. I mean Juno & Catherine are braving the cold - why can't I??

Snowpants, Sorrel boots, scarf & ear cover with my nice down my darling dog and I went. I don't think my dog will ever walk with me again We stayed on the bike path for about 20 minutes and then I decided we needed to make it more difficult and trek through the big field of snow to make it back to the park entrance. It was only the size of a football field but my was it a workout!! The snow is up past my thighs (very thankful I had my cellphone!) and it was a big ordeal to cross the field. My dog wouldn't even look at me when we were done (she kept trying to head towards the path!) but I just kept mushing her along! I was soaked with sweat, my legs were sore and my dog has slept all day today. The treadmill was a relief today!!

I don't want to move to Alabama by the way - couldn't remember which abbreviations were for what state - after all that was in 5th grade when we learned that??? AK is Alaska I think but for all I know it is Arkansas. Maybe I should pull out a phonebook & check.

Everything is fine here but especially after my walk I am wishing for spring. I was looking through photo albums the other day and all the pictures of my yard and flowers made me cry (okay not really). We got another foot of snow on Sunday - we are buried. This has been one of the coldest MN winters - hasn't been above 40 since Nov. which is rare. The past few Feb's we have been outside with just our coats & no winter crap. The snow is over my head on the side of the driveway, it is a journey to fill my birdfeeders, I am losing daycare kids in the snow, I'll just go on and on.

Can you tell that I need spring???? I will be visiting my girlfriend in Houston next week and she asked me what I want to do - WALK OUTSIDE AND DO HER GARDENING!!!!!

Thanks for listening - I know some of you are in the cold more than me!! Steph
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