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Good morning everyone and happy Monday.

I had a good rest of the week and weekend. A lot of things were accomplished around the house, which always helps. The weather is dreadful, so you must entertain yourself indoors. Very anxious for spring.

Iíve been doing well on the food and exercise. DH and I lifted weights this morning. He asked me three times whether I was going to get up and I kept saying no. But I had the mental strength to convince myself that if I want ďthisĒ bad enough Iíd better get myself out of bed. 15 minutes later I feel like a million bucks. Why does it take us so long to get this straight??

I plan on yoga this evening. Will try for cardio and pilates tomorrow. I need to keep my cardio upped. It makes the most difference to me. I continue to plan out my meals. Besides the fact that it eliminates last minute temptation, it has cut my grocery bill by 10-25%. I only buy what I need.

Moving, divorces, new jobs, busy lives. Itís an ever changing cycle with each of us isnít it? Amazing that we all stay on track. Maybe because it is us, ourselves, which ground us and keep us sane. Iím still working on nurturing my core.
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