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Hey all!! I'm getting geared up and excited for vacation next month. We've had some big family drama here. My BIL's wife wants a divorce. It is (of course) a long story but essentially everyone knew it would happen eventually. She is immature and devious and my BIL doesn't know whether he's coming or going. He's actually physically afraid of her and if he says the wrong thing she will screw him good. There is evidence of abuse as well to their 3yr daughter -my neice. Anyway, its good riddance to bad rubbish if BIL can just stay focused and not get mired in "but I love her and if I do enough for her she'll stay" business. DH has suprised me during this - he's been SO supportive, intelligent and insightful during this. A far cry from where he and I were at a year ago. We are both very grateful to have walked a rocky path together, make changes and continue to grow.

Juno: Yes ballet is SUPREMELY frustrating. The language is different and goes rapid fire pace...floorwork makes you feel like a brick. I have two thoughts - it could be that this is not the class for you, true. But its also the difficult classes that push you to learn. Of course you have to weigh if feeling like a failure at the end of each class is worth it!! If its possible you might want to shop around. Sometimes the right combo of teacher/students is what it takes to make it work for you. There are two wonderful do at home ballet tapes I have. Each tape has two "classes" of stretch, barre and floor. I would recommend Ballet Workout I its the basics with some challenge to it.

Steph: you do have a way with words. My family is spread out too while DH's family is very close. So you can guess who's I see more! That would be a big move for you guys if you moved too! Are you really considering it?

Catherine: I still sigh when I here that your DH works out with you. That is wonderful!

Thats if for now I suppose. Talk with you all later!

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