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Juno - Maybe I will stop fighting DH on the move to AL since you seem to get more outdoor time than me! It is cold here and we are expecting another winter storm by tonight. YUCK!!

Catherine - Hope you were "good" at your softball party. I start out with good expectations but I do blow them at restaurants. I am getting most of my cardio in a.m and yoga & ST during naps. I can not do yoga in the morning my body just feels so stiff. By lunch I am nice and bendy

PW - I am really working hard at making my life steady because I am one that takes on too much also and then cuts back. The last year has really been a nice pace for the most part but I'm sure I'll get in over my head again!

My parents are on their way to CO home moving van & pets. I am sad that they are moving farther away. I did get to see them 5-6 times per year but I am afraid the distance will make it like 2 times at the most. DH has talked about moving their later so who knows? My mom just called and I am bummed because I was on-line and missed it. How pathetic that I am worried about my very capable parents moving. They helped us move up here and I feel guilty but they kept switching the date so we couldn't follow their pace (they just kept moving it up).

I go to Houston in 2 weeks and am counting down the days - hopefully my kids won't cry and I can hop on the plane. I think they are going to be fine because I did hear my oldest telling his friend "we are going to Burger King two times when my mom is gone because she hates it and never will eat there". I didn't realize that it was that big a deal!!!!!!! Little thrills in life!

Hope everyone has a warmer weekend than me - adios! Steph
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