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I am sitting here with a pile of unblown balloons & listening to a toddler spit on the monitor. A b-day party today but I need to summon up the desire to decorate. I am just tired of birthdays! I am thinking that for the next year I will have kids bring treats from home - maybe take a little of the birthday anxiety off of me. Too many kids here to be excited about it anymore. Tsk Tsk on me.

Good news is that one of my families had a darling baby girl on Saturday. So nice to go and hold her yesterday since she feels like she weighs as much as a potato compared to the ones I have now.

Exercise is very good - still going strong. Food - well that just annoys me. I have tried cutting my food in half, making smaller portions but just can't do it. So I am trying to just cut down by a few bites at every meal and leave food on my plate and see if I can't conquer those baby steps.

Juno - You sound like you just have a merry-go-round of a life (in a happy way!). I was terribly worried about the Popularity issue until 3 years ago...I don't know where it went but it just faded away and I don't care. No actually I just don't try hard anymore with people I don't know which I must admit I am one of those people who tried to make everyone talk to her and smile. Most people do tend to like me (I think) but I don't tend to actually worry about it anymore. I think the kind of work I do from home has made me tougher than when I worked at a company. I have only had one family not like me & the feeling was mutual so it was easy to get over!

Catherine - Glad your vacation was wonderful. I will be in a warm state in about 3 weeks for a bit and then I just hope spring is back when I return. Need that warm air! I don't nag often but he has been complaining and complaining about this headache forever and then I got on the bandwagon. The funny thing is (drum roll) when we went to the grocery store he bought himself food for work (oatmeal & some better quality stuff than usual). So he won't so outloud I am right but boy have I been hearing how good that oatmeal is going down in the morning.

We actually had some old antibiotics lying around which he took and the headache was going away. He truly thinks he has a sinus but Dr. didn't think so. He is going back this week to get some drugs and maybe then my normally happy DH will be back (after he's worked his 16 hour days). I don't mind that he is a workaholic if he would learn to cut down when he is tired. He just keeps going and going...everyone at work calls him the Energizer...I call it stupid.

Raychel - Thanks for the tips. I used to work my forearms for tennis many years ago and started doing it again. I am trying to learn how to grip the weights differently too - I had read that technique in an article but I had trouble visualizing it. Now I picked up a weight while reading your post. Yeah I was using my thumbs!

I need to go blow these balloons up & hang the birthday banner. Spitting girl finally has gone to sleep. Hope you are all having a great President's Day!

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