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Hello, all. My, we all sound so busy! I have a bit of time before my bird club meeting, so I thought I'd stop in.

Juno--I am also a reading addict. How is the weather up north? Is it getting to be any more like spring? I've noticed that the days are getting longer, which really helps my spirits.

Steph--Husbands are difficult. My husband is absolutely married to some of his not-so-great habits, and of course, he won't admit that they have anything to do with his health. I try to keep my mouth shut and put good food on the table at night.

Raychel--Thanks! Now I'm working on insurance (for our life insurance line), and I'm almost done with that. I'm really getting excited about getting started with this new career.

I've been doing much better, mostly because I have a schedule and I'm out of the house all day. I've been packing food to bring along with me. Exercise is going well, too. Slow and steady will win this race!

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