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I was just going to do a whip in and do a quick note but I think I have a few spare minutes so I will try and actually write something! I had a very nice weekend here and got out of the house & into the big city to try and break up my cabin fever. Went to the Home & Garden show which did my mind a world of good to imagine spring and all my flowers popping out of the ground. Unfortunately now they are buried under at least 1 Ĺ feet of snow!

I havenít been on the internet much either. I just come on briefly during nap mainly to e-mail, check a booksite to see what people are reading & here. I have a million other things to do and I am trying to get in my exercise & my hobbies before computer time. I have always been a book addict & there isnít day that goes by when I donít shove in a few chapters. I usually read for at least an hour before bed. This weekend besides doing all that I did I managed to read one excellent book & one ho-hum one for book club. I am a fast reader so it helps!

I dropped in on my DH at work Saturday and one of the guys working told Steve after I left that he always thought I was pretty but that I looked really good now that I look better after having kids than before. Letís see Ė now I actually sleep rather than when I was in my 20ís sleep was the last thing I needed, I rarely ever drink when I was a beer drinker on the weekend, I exercise regularly and I sure eat a heck of a lot better! Yeah Ė someone noticed!! He is someone that probably only sees me once a year when before I had my first son I saw him daily. He gave me my ego boost for the yearJ

Raychel Ė Do you ever have a problem with the fact that your hands have a hard time hanging onto the weights vs. you not being strong enough?? I am doing heavier and heavier weights but my little tiny hands are having a heck of a time holding on some of the moves. I have gloves but just must have weak little fingers!!

The weights are doing more for me than all my years of cardio & my dips into pilates & yoga. I love cardio & yoga/pilates but my back is stronger, I stand up straighter and though I think it is everything all together Ė the weights are making the big improvements. I am looking forward to muscled arms this year because I think if I keep plugging along this way I am heading in a good direction for me. Now if only I could cut some more of the fat out of my diet. Baby steps sure take a long time sometimes!!!

I really am feeling kind of pity towards my poor DH these days. I finally got him into the doctor (he has just been feeling like crap since before Christmas) and at the moment he is diagnosed with Stress headaches (which his has lasted over a month). Yes he is stressed at work but he doesnít sleep enough, doesnít eat properly (he eats good but not enough in the morning & Iím sure his body is craving food), he hasnít exercised since before Christmas but you know when you are the wife and trying to point out all these things of course he is just fine. I almost want to call the Dr. myself because I am sure DH didnít mention the 4-5 hours of sleep. I am being a pain now and sending him to bed early, wonít watch any late TV with him & leave the room so he falls asleep. I am just about to start packing his lunch/breakfast but he is 36 shouldnít that be his responsibility???

Okay I am done gabbing. Hope you all have a good week & see you all later ( I have a 1 yr. Old trying very hard to delete this message!! ) Steph
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