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MOTORVATION: I truely think you have to have a motorvation. I was stun from looking at my picture last year. It was probably the last thing I needed to look at after getting laid off from my job. I was at my largest. 257LB. When I seen my picture I just had to go weigh myself. I not only couldn't believe how big and round I look all over I could not believe how heavy I was. This is not the same image I would see in the mirror every morning and I was horified. No wonder, I no longer felt entergitic anymore.

CALORIE COUNTING: It has been the best thing I have learn about. I had been on all kind of diets and gave up on them plus I was plain lazy in the past about them. I had to really look back on this.I Went to a doctor back in 96 and took diet pills but I got off of them in a years time. did lose 60Lb on them but gain it back then more. I pretty much let the pills do the work I didn't do much to change my life style. I punshed my self on Slim Fast shakes lost 12lb and ended up putting my body in starvation mode. Yep, that was me back then, I was either to one extreem to another. I was sick of what I was doing by the time I got laid off and seen what I seen I started to study about my body. How does it use calories, how do I burn them. I also learn I didn't have to do with out my favorite foods or snacks. I just had to learn to portion my meals, make them right, ad something that will fill you.Calorie counting has worked out for me the longest.
EXERCISE: I went from active from high school to unactive two years after high school. Goodness, How did I get this way. Exercising felt GREAT! How in the world did I take this out of my life? Walking is easy and wonderful, I live in a beautiful city that had dedcated to making long side walks by the creek all the way through town. reaches from one end to the other, and even their parks is full of side walks, I also since we pratually have a built in gym in the back yard I do a little bit of weight lifting, tredmill walk and swimming in the summer.
FAILURE: I think it is important to understand that there is failure. It is mean and evil and it is waiting. I don't believe that we can say HEY, I won't ever touch another chocolate bar, or I won't take a piece of cake, I'm not going to have pizza, I won't touch that burger. I think that failure needs to be accepted. Know that you fail that day and get it over with and get back in the saddle. I done this to many times once before where I fail and could not accept it and through the whole diet out the window and ate worse cause out of that one day, I had one to many slices of cake. It wasn't worth losing 20lb and getting mad over gaining 2lb. I know I will fail some where but I won't be out of the saddle for long.
WATER: is very important. I think about everytime I drink water how my cells inside of me is dancing and smiling, bathing in happiness

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