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Hello to all....

Our new floor is nearly done! It looks wonderful! We are just waiting for some trim pieces to finish it. Of course now the cabinets look just awful next to the new floor...soooo we have a painting project planned for the near future! LOL!

I just booked a B and B inn for vacation in March in Monterey Bay. We are meeting my gf and hubby there (they live in Penn., they were the ones we were going to go on a cruise with). I can't wait...the inn is pretty luxurious and we'll go see the the sites while we are there!

Juno: I'm glad you are liking the ballet - talk about a whole body work out. Now you know where my calves came from! he he he...I get sore from lifting weights but I'll tell you what, its nothing like the sore I used to get from dancing! Are you McDougalling again?

Steph: Well you know my story with weight training, so you will here no arguments from me on doing them!! Its really nice to see progress - this time last year (checking my log) I weighed 3lbs less but was larger in inches!! Talk about progress!

I hope everyone is doing okay...don't hesitate to do a drive by posting!

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...
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