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I keep pulling up the boards but then something happens and I don't have time to post. Now I only have a few minutes but I figure that is better than none!

I think I have finally kicked the bug but boy that was the only time I have been sick for a whole month. Started Jan. 1 and just didn't let up. I am back on track with my exercise and feeling good about food. I am really starting to tell the difference in my shape by doing weights. I have been doing it for a few years but since Nov. and really starting to do increased weights - I am much tighter everywhere. I don't have saddlebags, my waist & hips aren't half as padded, my arms I still look at in dismay but I'm working on them. I haven't lost much weight but I am pretty sure I can buy a size or two smaller in pants when I head out to the mall and buy some new clothes soon!

Been busy too with parents, birthdays, etc...I have a bunch of schooling this month and I finally booked my ticket to Houston for my first days away with no kids/DH. I might need a big push to get on the plane but I'm not feeling guilty about leaving which I would have felt before this. Now I deserve two days away!!!!!!!!

Baby #1 is up - must run! Steph
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