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Hi - this is going to be a very quick check-in. We had a very busy weekend and now of course I am in the thick of the busy week, yow! A fellow MT had a baby late last week so I have an extra doctor for extra measure!

Things are going really really well in the health and fitness dept, despite the busy schedule keeping me from the gym more than I would like. I finally tried the "Target Specifics" tape, at least the abs and arms, and it is very doable, and an option when the club isn't happening. Ballet - I have had 3 classes now. I learn something everytime and sweat a lot more in there than I do in any aerobics class! What a discipline. While I have no illusions about my abilities, I do feel taken seriously in the class and I am expected to learn it and do better. The regular teacher was gone yesterday and the director taught the class. He is European and very classical in approach, this is not ballet lite even though it is very definitely a beginner's class. I figure I probably have 20 years on all of my classmates.

Food has clicked in, in part because I was battling so much exhaustion. I realized that the sleep deprivation and lax eating was taking its toll so I got down and a little more structured about it - the results have been instant energy. Once again we learn again - Duh!

And with that update I must return to the large pile of tapes awaiting my attention. I hope all is well with everyone, and I hope to read checkins soon! How are you?