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Hi all...*pant*pant* Work is still crazy...I've quadrupled my job orders the past two exaggeration!!

Catherine: Daily renewal...sometimes hourly renewal for me. I'm constantly tweeking the amount of cardio I'm doing. I find 3 good sessions (2 30m, 1 60m does the trick for me.) I don't feel like I'm ignoring it and its not so much cardio that its wasting my muscle. Old habits/influences are so hard to change. Most poor behaviors are just that - habit. But keep working at it because you will break them down little by little. I have a love/hate relationship with dance class mirrors....

Steph: Glad to hear you are feeling better finally. My DH just got put on eve work again so I'm considering switching to eve's at the gym. I don't really want to though - morning is my time. But I have to tell DH I'm considering it so his feelings don't get hurt. As our schedules are now, we won't see eachother until his days off or on the weekend mornings! Not such a bad thing when I'm frustrated at him! (ps - you are HARDLY a wimp!!)

Juno: I wish I had the energy to get into all the interesting things you do. It seems after exercise, work, chores, errands there is no time or I'm too tired to even think about doing something pleasurable. Thats a sad statement actually - and we don't even have kids!

This is my first evening alone in a long while with DH back on swing shift. I plan to cook myself a good dinner, with candles, maybe even a glass of wine. Then I'll veg out in front of Friends and record ER...I'm looking forward to a quiet evening with myself.

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...
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