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Anybody want any birthday cake??? I still have 1/4 of the ice cream cake (which I am sure my boys & DH will devour) but today arrives the other big cake for the other ones birthday. My guys are 5 & 3 yesterday and today and from now on they are sharing a cake!!!!!

I've been good about exercising and I am with you Catherine on the missing of cardio. I upped mine from 3 a week to 5 because it just makes me feel better. Strength training is 3 but I can do 2 and not feel guilty. Now I love yoga & pilates but I have decided that I don't have to beat myself up if I just have time for 2 short sessions per week. I am not studying to be a yoga guru and just need it to keep my body flexible. I need to get over the guilt thing when I don't meet my expectations.

Catherine - Enjoy the sunny state of FL (I'm jealous but can't get away!) I save all of my vacation time for summer because I need the break then. However DH promised me a short winter break for our 10th anniversary - got 2 more years!! I have to do my workout schedule weekly otherwise it always gets messed up.

Juno - We shall probably see you in the NYC Ballet next fall, right? It was just your first class and I imagine you will find all the right moves after a few more visits. I keep saying I am going to get out and take some kind of class but after going to my childcare classes, the kids stuff, I just don't feel like signing myself up!

Raychel - You must be swamped! I think of you all the time when I am strength training. My main thoughts are "Steph what a wimp - Raychel Muscle God!" Oh I am getting stronger but the desire to lift the heavy stuff comes and goes.

My parents are coming tomorrow so that means I must go clean. Not that they care but of course I do! Now I need to go order stamps so have a great weekend! Steph
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