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Good morning everyone. I am so busy lately, but really needed to connect with all of you again.

My January went quite well. I planned out dinners on a weekly basis and bought only enough groceries that I needed. Quite a shift for me. I love to buy groceries. I also made a workout calendar a month in advance. I did well the first part of the month because I knew what my immediate plans were, but not so good the later part. Things kept cropping up and Id miss workouts. I think that for February I will have to go week by week for both.

I continue to keep my workouts diversified with cardio, ST, yoga and pilates. However, because it is so diversified, I have shortchanged cardio and I NEED to do more of that. My new plan for February is cardio 4xs, ST 2xs, and one each of yoga and Pilates. I think that this will be much better.

Mentally I am trying to get in a better place. I am struggling very much in relation to abandoning my bad habits and influences both internally and externally. The mind is such a tricky thing! It really is a process of daily renewal. I am very thankful for Mondays and the fresh start they offer.

I am anxiously awaiting a week vacation in sunny FLA. I am really looking forward to sun and fun. Hubby and I plan to do little, if anything. I will be doing a lot of walking, but am not going to kill myself over a week off from workouts.

Juno I want to have a workout room that is one wall of mirrors. Do you find that encouraging or discouraging while doing ballet?

Steph I am glad to hear that youre feeling better. And you have been getting up early again for workouts! Great job! In envy you so much!

Ill be on vacation next week, but think of me and send diva dust that Ill finally breakthrough this mental plateau and do what is good for me.

As always, thanks.
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