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I had great ambitions to get on and post but I believe that is going to be thwarted by all the sounds coming from upstairs. Obviously there are at least two that have decided to get up from nap early. One is sounding grumpy!!

I am feeling much better. Never went in to the Dr. but was given a big more advice over the phone and for the most part I can feel a big difference. Mainly the advice was to stop weaning myself off the cold/sinus stuff but keep taking it round the clock to get the junk out and get a lot of sleep! I have been getting to bed early every night and as of this afternoon have improved quite a bit since yesterday afternoon.

Exercise here is going good and hopefully no more sickness pitfalls. I have been getting up by 5:15 (yuck) because it just seems like that is the best time for ME time even though my body doesn't like it. I have been doing it for weeks now and I am getting used to it. I only hit the snooze twice now. I just kept thinking that there was no way I was going to get good quality time in starting May because I will be watching a new baby & then comes summer. So once again I am trying the mornings.

Food is okay but I have many more years before I am old enough to remain in control!!

Now one of the kids is making loud noises - must run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steph
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