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The 5% Club is about more than hope. It is about seeing the possibility everywhere, all the time, and about perseverance and understanding that our bodies and health go through cycles in every arena. We recognise that people DO become healthier, stronger and slimmer and we are set to be in the admittedly slim percentage of those who do it. Some of us will be edging up toward a 3 year anniversary for being here posting away, so you better believe it is working!

Well the time has run out of this weekend pretty quickly. And again I have, after Friday, fairly well wallowed in lazy downtime. I can only say that I seem to need it and will not hassle myself for it. The class on Friday was just great! Tomorrow is ballet - yikes. I appreciate all your enthusiasm and support - and I am really excited about a new discipline and new training for my body. But I'm not kidding myself, and I'm not gonna kid you either - no I am not sailing into this and doing "well" in terms of what a dancer would think. That just isn't the story, this is REALLY challenging, way way hard and also emotional in the striving of what I can do. Others take on team sports and marathons and that is not for me - I guess if Lisa was still here I would say this is my marathon, something just huge and hard and will require Herculean will just to go to the class and get pounded each week. Steph, I am a bit on the curvy side as well. I do think that being face to face with those mirrors will disallow any denial of the truths about my body - positive or negative. More than once this week I edged away from the junque idea or seconds with the idea of looking at my image on Mondays.

I see hope in the light slowly returning - yahoo! I just love it when the darkness begins to recede again. Since we don't have snow I might head out some days and move a little turf - why not? I am also (I will confide) working in a book called "The Artist's Way" which is a recovery program for blocked artiste types like myself! It is going great and it covers all levels of creativity - I strongly recommend you check out this book if you even get a tiny feeling of the idea you would like to unleash more creative energy in your life.

I'm nodding off here, and will get some sleep. Wish me luck for ballet and know that I will be a club regular and will attend the fantastic Friday class. Food - I'm up for fish and veggies this week, and maybe some expirimental side rice or potato dishes. No chips all week, just a wee bit of very good chocolate. A good week, and I'm here for another one!

Check in, all!!!!