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Hi everyone!
Sorry I was MIA this weekend...go go go.
Eating sucked, but not as bad as last weekend. I made better choices and exhibited far more restraint.
Had to go over to the SIL for dinner for the MIL's birthday, so there was cake and the only low/no carb food item was turkey and frozen veggies with peas and lima beans YUK! So I ate other things.
I like his family, but they always seem to put me in an awkward situation. Everytime I go out there they want haircuts. I emphasized yesterday that I NEVER bring my scizzors out of the salon, trying to stress the fact that I cut enough f*****g hair during the 50 hours I already work, but the MIL kept asking SIL if she had some good scizzors around so I could give her a hair cut.....f**k!!. Then our ceice was looking for sponsorship for her volleyball team, so she was talking to the BIL who owns a huge surveying company about it and he proceeded to say very loudly "WELL IF IT INVOLVES A BANNER WITH ADVERTISING THAN SOMEONE WHO HAS A SMALL NEW BUSINESS SHOULD INVEST TO GET ADVERTISING..." (caps are because he was pretty much yelling for the whole house to hear). I cut him off and said "I can't get THIS frickin family to come get services, why would a bunch of small town people I don't know make their way into the city to get services from us?!" Everyone proceeded to get defensive and make excuses....I wasn't looking for that at all, just trying to make a point and shut him up....he's a loud, obnoxious, arrogant, patronizing jerk. My point...All of this lead me to eat cake.
Back OP today and DH voiced his desire to eat the way I have meal planning will take place later today.
Have a great day and thanks for listening to my rant!
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