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Talking let me offer my advice....

Hello Ladies. My suggestion would be never to underestimate yourself. We all have the power within. I think that most of us with a weight problem don't know ourselves and what we are capable of. A good point in question is that most of us suffer from some type of self esteem issue or self worth due to our weight. An example of this is..."well its a small piece so it won't matter" or "I'll excercise tommorow"...."Diets don't work for me, so whats the use?".

We have to come to terms with the importance of ourself and that we are worth it. We have to make the time, find the importance and also come to terms that we in fact "do have a weight problem". The weight didn't just happen over night, somebody didn't do this to us....we did this to ourselves.Did you ever look in the mirror or look in photo's and think...."How did I ever get this big?" I think once you aggree to this and forgive yourself, the mind can take over and help you to "shed" your weight triggers. Emotional eating can take many forms.....stress, relationship problems, social issues, boredom, poor habits etc etc.

The first step should be to recognize what your issues are and to go about dealing with these issues you'll find that you've been substituting food instead of solving your problems. I mean come can you actually be hungry enough to eat a whole tub of icecream, or eat a whole pizza. These are two examples on how someone eats to fill an emotional need. But you can break the cycle. It can be done!!! Make small changes at first, eat more vegetables. Then start drinking more water. Most of us don't recognize thirst, but think we are hungry instead. Learn to recognize correct food portions.Slowly...and slowly your old habits will change. When stressed, realize what your trigger was and deal with it instead of reaching for food. Ask yourself...Why am I eating this? and Am I really hungry for this?

Our reasons for eating are more complex than most of us realize, but when you start to learn more about your feelings,emotions and self; I think you begin and only then to really understand the reasons for your weight and how to be a happier person.

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