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What a great thread! I can't agree more that just reading what other people are doing only serves to solidify what I'm trying to do! I have lost 87 lbs since 1/1/01 and my success comes from planning. I plan my week's meals on Sunday and go shopping to fit my plan. Sure, there are exceptions to this plan, but for the most part, it works. Otherwise, we'd be eating pasta and garlic bread every night!!
I also plan to exercise. At first, I actually had to tell myself exactly what time I would walk, but now that it's been 8 months of walking every morning, it has become a habit.
I also plan one night when I can eat whatever I want. This is usually on Friday, but it helps to know that one night I can have pizza and beer (or whatever!). This helps me feel like I'm not denying myself, simply waiting until the right time.
So, good luck to everyone out there! This site has helped me realize that even thought I've lost most of my weight, it'll be a struggle to maintain it and it's nice to have support along this incredible journey!
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