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Well I'm back. The weirdest thing happened 2 weeks ago....My parents called from their 4 week vacation in Maui & asked me to fly over alone & spend a week w/ them. Well of course being the responsible mother of 4 & wife of 1 that I am I said no. When I told my hubby about the call he said absolutly YES!!! he said he would handle everything & that I shoud go & have a great relaxing time. So i went & it was wonderful. It was so nice to be pampered & not responsible for anything but my own self. the family did great while I was away & now I am home trying to get back into the swing of things. Real life seems sooooo hard. I know what you mean Audri. sometimes life seems like it is pressing down on you. Hang in there it willl get better. I can't believe Griff is 5 months old already.

I do hope everyone is having a better day today & I think MW advice about living & moving towards happiness is good advice for all of us. Hang in there even in the tough times.
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