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okay I posted on 5 because the day I wrote it we were on thread 5...but of course I lost my connection, and couldn't get reconnected, that day or perhaps even the next, and I just kept this screen minimized until I got connected and quickly hit "post" I could see it went through, and then was disconnected and could not even get back on to open the page back up fast enough so that I could read it off line. And of course, I am already off-line, so I'll have to try that connect and quickly post trick again, but don't be surprised if you are already on thread 7! LOL, today is Wednesday 2/21 at 5 p.m. pacific...who knows when it will actually go through! I'm sure everyone is way sick of my connection gripes...sorry!

I am reading the "Art of Happiness" and it has been talking about the difference between pleasure and happiness. That we all have a right to happiness and that is the goal of life- to be happy. And that all of our actions should move us more towards happiness, than sorrow. But that pleasure and happiness are not the same short for me, eating chocolate may bring some temporary pleasure, but does not lead to happiness...truly more sorrow and self destructiveness. I think this book will be a good study for me, And today I've been chocolate free!!!!!!! Wahoo, finally a step in the right direction again!

Well, let's try to send this through....
Wishing you all HAPPINESS!!!!! MW
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