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You are right the job of "Mom" is the most stressful and the least respected but....

I do know how you feel. I have gotten to the point of thinking of destinations to go to when I run away and I am thinking in terms of a one way ticket! Just fantasy, of course....Paid a big bill today which took the balance down on the checking account. That is depressing. But, the car insurance is paid for 6 more months so that is one less thing to worry about. That is good even if the checking balance makes me nervous.

I like the name Missy, BTW. If ya'll get to keep her though, and you REALLY hate the name I have heard you can change it pretty easily to one with the same number of sylables (that doesn't looke right but you know what I mean.)

I was watching Oprah the other day and they were saying that our body did not know if we were on vacation floating on a float in the ocean, riding the waves. Sitting in the sand with the warm sun warming us with a tropical beverage at our fingertips or if we were hanging onto our sanity by our very fingertips in the midst of everyday survival and that we could trick our minds by using some relaxation techniques. I might try that.

On Juno so I am quitting while I am ahead.

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