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Hi Audri,

Seems we are the only ones posting. I am glad to see you here though. I was afraid now one else would be here today so it was nice to see new posts on the old thread and a new one started!

I have had Houdini dogs before. Good luck. The only thing we have had any luck with is an electric fence. They get zapped once and steer clear of the fence! It sounds cruel too but it usually only happens once and to me it isn't as cruel and them getting run over. Hope you friend comes back soon .

Paul did start his job yesterday. He seems to like it but the hours are really l-o-o-ng. Well, I shouldn't complain. It is work.

I have 8 hours left on BL and if I get up early enough (evidently 4 AM is the optimum time. UGH!!!) I can use Juno. I will try to make a daily post.

Sounds like you are doing great with your plan. I am still hanging in there. On the way to ride the bike now so I will

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