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Hi Larry,
Ditto to all you said; couldn't agree more.

Would like to add a psychological trick, or maybe just a new attitude, that helped me lose 100 pounds.

I was always SO stressed out back then, not just over being size 24, but because I had way too many responsibilities, and took everything far too seriously. If I didn't get everything done "just right" and on time, I'd get really down on myself, which didn't help my weight any.

So I decided to give myself a break, and forgive myself for minor failures in every area EXCEPT staying on program. I.e., if I lost or maintained that week, journaled, and attended WW, I would consider myself a big success, no matter what else I may have failed to accomplish. I made it my #1 priority (except, of course, for my family). I refused to worry excessively about anything else.

Oddly enough, soon I found myself really accomplishing much more at work, at church, and elsewhere as my health improved. Now that I'm size 10, and a lifetime ww member, my life is less hectic and my personality much sunnier. Not that I don't get myself into an occasional time crunch, but now instead of stressing over deadlines, I just tackle 'em and try to enjoy the work more. I take little breaks for exercise or visits to this board, for example.

If anyone sees herself/himself in my story, please give this method a shot. Cut back on your responsibilities wherever practical, make yourself and your health a VERY high priority, and believe in yourself. If I can do this, anyone can!
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