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BYE! 2 my fat @ss 4 ever
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Good morning! I must say between Cathys 10 hr. flight & Phoebes 12 hr. I'm not so bad off! Mine is a total 3 hrs. one way with 1 layover for 1 hr. (just long enough to smoke & smoke & smoke It's the taking off and landing that petrifies me to the pit of my soul!! Hoping I'd get on/ get off ONCE there ONCE back. We got the last 4 plane seats & we're going to be seperated by 2's, 3 rows apart. Okay so I have roughly 40 days to look half way decent in a swim suit! We got a condo on the beach so I will be LIVING in my suit!!! I'm 150 now so realistically I'll "hope" for 140 by then. As long as I exercise it won't matter what the scale says all that much I JUST DO NOT WANT TO JIGGLE IN MY SUIT AHHHHH!!! I'm a total basket case! Phoebe.... 5 DAYS 'TIL BF DAY WoooHooo!!! As far as water goes I drink it like its going out of style! I've been drinking it for so long now my body HAS to have it. In other words the longer you do it the easier it gets like anything we do. The longer we exercise the easier it gets too... so I'm off to work on making it easier! Cindi
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