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hi girls..hey sandy glad to hear you're not deserting us..we need all the motivation we can get i think you're right to carry on what you are doing and not get stressed over those darn (i can't say what i want to.. i will get censored but it begins with d and end with m) have lost know that for a fact from the doctor's report so you stick with will get there in the end!!
Cindi i can relate to the flying nightmare..i'm not so much scared of flying but i have anxiety\panic attacks and i hate being couped up on a plane..i want to go home to england this year but the thought of 3 flights really puts me off...i have about a 50min flight of the island..then its 8.5-9hrs flight to england..then another 50 mins to our destination..with waiting for connections and everything you are traveling for almost a full day..i hate it...i will just have to keep telling myself that it is worth it to be with family...XXX fingers crossed i can do it...i was so excited yesterday i had a phone call from my brother who i have not seen for 3yrs...he is thinking of coming to visit me..but..he hates flying too i was so psyched i forgot all about food and was hopping around all day long..funny is'nt it?? a mood can affect if you eat or not..i feel like i am on cloud nine today..hope this feeling sticks around..cya later...cathy.
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