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Good morning! A CHEER ~~~~ Way to go Phoebe Wat to go!! Ra Ra! It sounds better here, just gotta get the right beat My side has since recuperated, so exercising today. My husband gave me a real surprise last night!! It seems as though we are Florida bound this Spring. He knows how I am about flying and boy was he prepared! My first argument was $ so he showed me how he worked it out, then I went for the but I , but I, but I AM SCARED ! I told him when its time to get on the plane to either go there or come home & its raining/storming he WILL NOT be able to get me on there! I said what are you going to do get mad, that WILL NOT get me on there! His response hopefully we'll have nice flying weather DUH!! The anxiety over this is overwehlming. I feel like I am really stuck between a rock and a hard place. Petrified/Excited. Not to mention it is time to do some serious weight loss. I have a video buns of steele,abs of steele but nothing for NERVES of steele! My nerves are just plain shot for a few reasons but this certainly tops the list. I gave my kids the rest of my choc. last night. I went to get a piece & I could just feel the pig out coming on! I was just freaking over the surprise. Okay so for now I have to brain wash myself into facing the reality, overlook the fear and DEFFINITELY LOSE WEIGHT!!! so with that in mind its exercise time... Cindi
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