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BYE! 2 my fat @ss 4 ever
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Good morning ~ Sandy the whole losing weight thing is a daily battle for sure, but being critical on yourself day in and day out will take its toll. I think you said alot when you said the "diet" is over instead I'm "changing" the way I approach losing. I think your going to be pleasantly surprised! It's like have you ever heard about the couples trying to get pregnant for years with no luck, then when they quit "trying" they get pregnant. I think it's the same thing. Well today was a tylenol for breakfast day! I fell out of bed last night, onto my right side! I have had something not right on that side for the last 3 mos. it feels & looks like something is in there. I went to the doc. this past Tues. (the day I ate the solid choc. santa) imagine why! Anyways I'm going for an ultrasound at the end of the month. If its scar tissue they won't see anything, if its something else it will show up. Either way it will probably mean surgery for me, which litterally makes my skin crawl!!!! I had 3 surgeries last year and I want soooo bad just to have a fun summer! Well I won't be exercising today! Actually don't know how I'm gonna be able to work! Hoping tylenol works really good! I'd call in if it wasn't pay day! Have a good day, Cindi
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