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Well gang, I throwing in the towel on my so call diet. Instead I'm going to drink my water and excerise and watch what I eat. And no more worring about a diet. I may lose only a pound a month, but at least I won't be gaining. This daily worrying about what I'm eating is really getting to me. So out the door on diets and in comes a new way of living. And I will be a lot happier. I think the scales are going out the door also. I'm not giving up I'm just giving up on the dieting part.

It's raining here, has been for the last couple of days. Infact a ice storm is suppose to be going through tonight. I hope it misses us. In three days we've had two of our automobiles in the shop. My husbands truck for the steering and our old van for king pins what ever that is. Something had to do with the wheels. My son is driving my little van. So I've been stuck at home.
I'm waiting impatiently waiting for summer. never did like winter very much. If it snow it should only snow on the grass and stay off the roads and concrete.

Well I'm through griping for now.
So until later Sandy

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