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hi girls...OP for 3rd day and i treated myself to a mini kit-kat for my VD treat..i have tons of junk food in the house and i am usually able to eat it in moderation so i am doing well in that department...cindi that is a big step if you can resist the chocs..
phoebe i'm sometimes a little like you..there is a packet of Mc'vities chocolate digestive's in the husband has been eating them..but yesterday lunchtime i almost reached for the packet to eat some with my cup of tea..if i had.. i know i would have dunked the lot in my tea and blown it for the day so i said NO..i was really pleased with myself for doing that...i can't believe you have had the sun shining for 3 days in a row..everytime i speak to someone over there they are sick to death of the rain you're right everything does seem so much better when the sun is shining..have a nice day...cathy.
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