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Hello, friends! Just thought I would let you know how the doctor visit went. Got to hear that wonderful little heartbeat (I just LOVE that sound!)and baby is growing well. And I'm out of the first trimester, so I get to quit taking the progesterone, hooray! All the bleeding has stopped.

The only concern is that I've lost another 5 lbs due to m/s, putting me at over 20 lbs lost since becomming pg. The doctor is concerned that the baby isn't getting enough protein to grow properly, so she put me on phenergen. She assured me it's very safe during pregnancy, and esp. for me now since I'm passed those critical first 12 weeks. I took the first one last night and it makes me feel really groggy and weird. But at this point, I will do anything to stop puking! I'm hopeful I can start eating more healthy food for baby and me now.

Have a good weekend!

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