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Hello, preggos!

Sorry I've been so scarce lately; it's getting harder and harder for me to focus. Plus I kind of feel disconnected from this board since most everyone know is in a much earlier stage of their pg. But I still plan to check in -- alhtough I only have 3 weeks until my EDD!

We've gotten our bags packed for the hospital, and are working on getting the baby's room totally ready. We've had all our furniture and stuff, but we've been washing and sorting clothes, getting the changing table set up, etc. It's fun, but kind of nerve wracking since we have no idea how long we have to get this all done!

I went to the dr on Monday and my cervix is softening; luckily I wasn't dilated or anything, so I'm hoping this means I won't be really early.

I'm still trying to get everything settled at work; I'm working right up until the baby is born, and every time I put something off for tomorrow I think "well, I may not be back tomorrow, you never know!". Boy, the not-knowing is killing me, can you tell??


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