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Hi all. Feeling a lot better today though I had a bad headache last night. Had to take a couple of Tylenol #1's to get rid of it. Geez I am such a wimp when I have a migraine. I just know I'll go in to deliver and I'll get them to put the epidural as soon as I get there. Why wait? No seriously I hate pain but I was hoping to get through without someone sticking a needle into my spinal cord but I don't think I'll be able to do it. Well time will tell. I plan on doing all the classes in preparation so who knows what will happen.

Scully - I checked out that site, it has a lot of good info. According to all their gender tests I am having a girl. Anyone else do these quizes and how did it turn out?

Sara - how was your dr's appt? Could you hear the heartbeat? Hope your ms is better.
If I don't see everyone later, I hope ya'll have a nice weekend. take care
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